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The purpose of our life is to taste every bit of it, to experience to the utmost. I know you cannot resist the hunger. I love that. I too feel the same. We will have a great time together to beat that hunger, to experience a radical life in ways you’ll get to know in this tiny little blog.


But let me first introduce myself properly. I’m Santanu Das, you can call me Santanu. I’m an Engineer, Photographer, Traveler, Speaker and a Story Teller as well. I’m from the most populous democracy in the world. Yes, I’m an Indian and I’m proud of that feeling. I live in the City Of Joy, Kolkata or formerly Calcutta.

I do motivate people to think positive, to think ‘I can or I cannot but I try’. I advise people to think out of the box, experience the nature of life.

I love helping people to free from their mental weariness, resolve the life hammering issues of everyday.

I believe in wisdom, honesty and true friendship. I believe in ME. I believe in miracles and do so for Life. I believe in Happiness and to achieve that I’ve always been immersing myself into life. I believe what we’re all looking for is the purpose, the meaning – True Happiness.

And the wonderful thing is:  We all can find it if we sincerely try.

  • What Brings Me Here?

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur or explorer, a traveler or a photographer. But before 5-6 yeaMy_Faced_Round_Croppedrs, due  to some financial crisis I was in a hurry to get a job, to start earning money and somehow I ended up being an Engineer. I’m now doing quite well. You can keep your thumb up for me, no? Okay I’ll do it for myself. Haa haa…

Let’s just come to the point, I didn’t give up. I’m still travelling a lot, managing time to click photos. I find happiness there. I find peace in my heart and soul when I travel or when I’m with a camera. And the best part is when I have a camera while travelling.

Now, is there any better way than internet to explore something?

I don’t think so and I too know that you also think exactly the same as I. So I’m here to help you with photography, travelling and any other good or bad real life experiences with my blog.

What are we waiting for, LetsExperience.

I’ll be honored if I can help you in learning photography in possibly the easiest ways and I’ll love to share you my own ‘behind the camera’ story. I’ll be very happy to listen from your end too about any questions or ideas on photography, travelling and everyday living.


  • What else brings us happiness?

I have seen people dancing with eyes full of tears of joy. I felt good in my heart, I was happy to watch them dancing and I also grooved with them, enjoyed the moments. After a few days this story almost washed out from my mind.

I have seen people starving to death because of money. I have seen many people offering food to others with their own empty stomach. It was shocked, I was hurt, I offered my help but that was not enough. I can never forget this in my whole life.

What I discovered was that happiness is not just about being happy, but to help others, to make them feel happy.

A few more random nuggets

  • I’m a Virgo, a helpful person with high reliability and strong analytical ability.
  • I let my intuition lead the way. Always.
  • I live for world wandering. I like the melody of a singing bird, morning sunlight and brighter moon in darker nights.
  • I feel the true essence of first monsoon rain. Can you remember the song from 1942 film “Bambi”?

                “Drip drip, drop… Little April shower…”

  • Nationality: INDIAN
  • Religion: HUMAN
  • My Hero, inspiration: My Father.
  • Best couple: My parents.
  • My dream: Never to stop dreaming.
  • Favorite colors: Black & White
  • Favorite dishes: All Bengali dishes specially Fish

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