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Selection of photographs

Selection of photographs

The business of Photography is always a complicated matter and it becomes more crucial when it comes to select the final photograph. ‘Selection of photographs’ is an art and very essential part of photography. It’s the final presentation of all your hard works which will directly show up your capabilities.

Don’t show lot of photographs to others. Instead, show them the best one.

The greatest challenge of new photographers is to hold on to their excitement of showing everything to everyone. One must be very choosy about what they are going to show to their clients. If you show 50 photographs and ask your client to choose one among those, that will be really very boring and they won’t have a good impression of you. The difference between a good and a great photographer is not what they shoot but what they choose to show others.

“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.” – Edward Gibbon

I take hours after every photo shoot for editing, sorting and selecting the perfect photograph to show. Before showing to anyone you should take your time to select which one is the best, do some editing if required.

Now you’re thinking, “I came here for some photography tutorial or tips and what I get is this! This is not what I was expecting for.” But I must say,

It’s a real important part of photography.

Your friends, family members or the clients will beg you to see the other photographs which you kept with you and didn’t show them. Resist them with all costs. You have already shown them the best one, now you can easily get the downwards facial expression of them if you show them the rest. So, better not.

‘Selection of photographs’ is not hard only for the beginners but also for the experienced professionals as well. I have taken thousands of photographs in the past few years and if anyone asks me to show the best 10 of mine, I’ll surely be in big trouble. Learning has no end; we’re all learning everyday and trying to do better than yesterday. ????



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